Problem: Tag List not showing depending on database entry

Hey fellow Bubblers,

I am facing a weird problem, I hope somebody might be able to help.

In my App, users can add Skillsets with variable user, experience and skill_name

Here is a picture of the data type.

So good so far, when User now add their skillsets, I am displaying them the following way in one part of my app:

The strange thing now is that it displays it correctly (as seen in the above picture) only when there is a database entry in the senior skills level.

If there is no senior skill, mid-level and junior skills are not shown.

The underlying code for the three tag lists are the following:

Senior Skills:


Junior Level:

As stated above, if senior (so with experience=3) is not in there, it shows like this:

Anyone know what the problem might be.

There is no condition stating that without any senior, none should show up.