Problem to filter a list field with a list of the same type

I need your help! I am having a problem filtering a field that is a list with a list of the same type.
I was successful in the filter when in the repeat selection list I set the first item, however it is a list.

Here is a view of the DB and how the filter looks like.

It only works when I set a single option, but I already create a list of selected items and want to know if any of them are contained.
None of the options other than the highlighted option work.

Does anyone have any ideas how to solve this situation?

Hi @jones.alves :wave:

You can’t perform a Search for a list of items inside another list (just a single item).

You need to do your Search and after this command use :filter

Search for Questoess: filter

Doing this you will be able to perform an advanced filter and search for multiple items inside the list you want.


You are good! sorted out…


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