Problem to store API response in database

Hi, since the last update I am having a problem saving the response of external APIs (calls with Api Connector) in the database.

Obviously the field on the db table is of the type of the initialized API.
Nothing was changed on my app, and until 6/17 the API response was saved correctly.
Recently, however, no more saving takes place, the field on the table (which should contain the response) is empty.strong text

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I’m also encountering a critical issue that started around 6/21/21 11:00 when they rolled out this change

Under-the-hood API data performance optimization

I’ve filed a bug report but haven’t heard anything and this absolutely frustrating as we use the data stored from apis in large parts of our app and now it’s completely broken and bubble’s since is so frustrating

@eve Can you guys please rollback /21/21 11:00 when they rolled out this change

Under-the-hood API data performance optimization

@eve please help us. This bug is very serious and blocks many app features and forces users to keep the app off.

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Please can we got some kind of response

I have no way of knowing if this will be fixed today or tomorrow and I’m trying to determine if I need rewrite my app to accommodate this bug. This is a critical issue and bubble seems to not be able to respond or monitor broken updates that break existing workflows and that’s so disappointing for those of us trying to build actual businesses on this platform

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The only response I have gotten from bubble is "Thank you for your patience; apologies for the delay in response. I was able to confirm this behavior, and have submitted a report to our engineering team for further investigation. Our Success team or an Engineering team member will be in touch to keep you posted or if we have any additional questions.

I need to know if this will be fixed tonight but they haven’t given me any kind of response. This is the danger of building on bubble i guess. When they break things you have no way no knowing when they might get around to fixing it

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Are there any update?

Bubble fixed this last night. But they just reintroduced it:

6/22/21 13:52
Fix-forward API fields stored in database

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@eve can we get this rolled back?

@eve this is seriously affecting our business deadlines now, everything in our automated processing has ground to a halt.

You guys really need to stop messing with things that aren’t properly tested


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