Problem tracking profile views

Hey everyone,

I have a problem. I have a platform and I want to track the profile visits of the users. The user should be able to see how many people have visited his profile.
I also have a similar profile function that should show how often a userprofile was saved. This should follow a similar logic.

I am just not getting anywhere here. I have already searched the forum here but the solutions in the other entries don’t work for me somehow.

This is my problem:
I have a counter that goes up when the profile page is loaded.


Unfortunately, the counter sometimes works when I log in again or visit other pages, but it always resets to 1.
What can I do? What have I overlooked?

Similar problem:

I have a button that saves or removes a user profile from the memory.
Unfortunately, this also always resets to 1 or -1.


I look forward to your help and am grateful for your feedback!

You’ve probably got privacy rues set up on the User datatype which are preventing the current User from accessing the current page User’s number of views, so they will just get a value of 0.

So when you add 1 to that you’ll always get 1.

So check your privacy rules as a first step.

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Wow, thanks, I knew there was a little thing I forgot… I feel a bit stupid now but thanks for the help it worked!

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