Problem when creating an account for a company

Hi there!

I am having issues when creating a new account. Basically I want to create each new account myself and send each person of the company an email with their personal data. In the database, I have the user which is linked to another data typer called SaaSaccount where I have the name of the company. That very same data type (saasaccount) is linked to the rest of the database to protect user data from other users. When creating a new account I manage to create the user but I cannot create the company account the user is linked to… How should I do this?


Mismatched types, your field is asking for a SaasCompany but you’re giving it text from an input.

Looks like you need to Do a search for SaasCompany, add the constraint Name = Input's value, then do :first item after the search?

Hi Tyler!

Thanks for your answer. I tried it but it does not work. The problem is that it should create a new row in the SaaScompany data type which then would be linked to the User datatype via unique id. I am doing it manually but I would like too know if it is possible to do it automatically :slight_smile:


So it sounds like you want to Create a new SaaScompany, then set it’s User to the newly created user?