Problem with API Workflow?

I’m creating a function, where the user creates a task and has the option to repeat daily, weekly or monthly.
The way I did it, is gathering all the data.
Does anyone know how to solve this problem in API Workflow?


Is the issue that your searches are failing in the API? Can you send the search results to the api endpoint as parameters?

I’m not using API, I’m pulling straight from the bank

can you tell me if i can do this?

or do I need to create an API?

When I say API, I’m just referencing the backend workflows which it looks like you’re already using.

this I am using, the problem is that it is joining with other tasks

first is right, then he starts to collect the data.

do you know how to solve this?

Sorry, but I’m not fully following the challenge.

my goal is to generate a new automatic daily, weekly or monthly task

this part can achieve, the problem is that when he creates an automatic task, other data saved together.

did you get it ?

Can you expand on what you mean with this part:

“other data saved together.”


as you can see, the first one is right, the second he joins test 1 with test 2

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