Problem with Cloudbeds and Bubble IO

Good morning, I have a very big problem with one of my apps, it is a hotel app and I use the cloudbeb API, I do the user agent flow process for authentication, I authorize and keep the session approved for an hour, but then I am left without access to the api for an hour until I go through the authorization process again. I want to know if in bubble io something has to be configured for the refresh token, since I want to obtain the method that does it automatically or obtain the token and the access token and save it in the database to do the renewal by means of an apiworkflow

If you choose to set oAuth in Bubble setting, you don’t need a call for access token. Bubble will handle it for you.

And where can I see if that is configured?

According to the authorization section, you can see: This API is correctly set up as an oAuth provider. This mean you have initialized the authorization correctly. You can now add call to API endpoints.

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