Problem with Conditional

I feel like the solution may be something obvious that I am completely overlooking, but here is my goal and issue.

Goal: Change icon color based on a percentage. Sounds simple right? :worried:

Problem: When I enter the conditional on the icon, it stays grey and doesn’t change color.
29%20PM 06%20PM

Details: The data value is stored as a number in the database.

Can you check the debugger and maybe show a screenshot of what it evaluates to?

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Here is what I’m seeing when I check it in the debugger.

@josh10, I would guess your problem is that 95 is translating into 9500%. Instead of 95, make the value .95 (or 95/100).

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@eli So virtual high five! That was the answer!! Thank you.

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It’s the simplest things that cause the biggest headaches!

Agreed! It really is. I was racking my brain why 95 wasn’t 95. It’s obvious now!

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