Problem with conditions regarding DAYS ELAPSED

Dear community,

I have a REVIEW GIVING system in my app.
I wanted it so that after 3 days from the end of a booking, the button to activate the flow of the feedback giving is activated.

I tried to reach the objective with a condition, as you may see from the pics.

Now I have a strange situation in which SOMETIMES the trick works, sometimes it does not, as you yourself can see from the pics.
of course, for the purpose of showing them, I made the buttons “visible on page load” by default. Ideally they should be hidden by default.

I am also thinking that the condition is such that ONLY on the “booking end date” + 3 days, will the button be visible, and not, as intended, FROM three days after the booking onwards. If the issue is this, then how to solve it?

Please do help out.

Hey guys, I may seem a fool writing to myself, but I think I got the solution and want to share it.
I guess the condition from the pic will be satisfactory.
button review conditions 4