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Problem with Data section


Please see the picture below:

If I click on the tickbox circled in blue, I’d expect
a) All the entries to be ticked. The meaning of “all” varies: some apps only select the visible ones (50), others will select all 55 entries.
b) the count of items to delete s/b equal to what was selected. Here, I have more items to delete (82) than records (55).

I assume that this is because of the async nature of some operations, but after a while and several refreshes, this continues to be the case.

Maybe an indicator of pending/incomplete actions on the records is needed?

Many thanks,


In addition to the above, I just run a workflow to delete all the records in a table.
After a while, and several refreshes, I see the following:

Note that this time, when I click in the top box, the ones below get selected, but the count is 72 instead of 32.



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