Problem with deleting a current cell file

Hi, so I am creating a delete button. I have done this before on a different page with different data type. I am trying to figure out what is the problem this time. An error is showing up. I don’t know how to solve it.

Any help is appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

Hey @grace.hallak

The data that you’re trying to display at the moment (and this is why you’re receiving an error) is a text – “current cell’s file’s file name”. Instead, I think the data you want to display is the actual file – “current cell’s file”. Hope this helps!

Okay, the rg is of the type “file” but whatever element you’re trying to send data to is expecting a “Hayek Document”. So, you could solve this problem in a few different ways – in essence, though, you just need to be consistent with the type of data you’re trying to display.

You could, for example, change the repeating group so that it is displaying a list of Hayek Documents (the rg could still display all of the same elements that you have in there now, but they would refer to the “current cell’s hayek document’s data”). Then, the data you’d display would be “current cell’s hayek document”. Alternatively, you could change the content type for the element you’re trying to display data in to be a “file” instead of a “hayek document”.

Thanks man it worked. I remember doing that but nothing worked then. It is possible that I made a mistake with something. Thanks again!

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Nice! Great stuff :slight_smile:

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