Problem with editing when it's needed to be "scrolled down"

Hey guys,

For me, it’s very hard to edit the bottom part of my app because it needs to be scrolled down in the editor, but I don’t know how to do it. Screenshot of what I need to scroll down to continue editing:

It kind of cuts the height of the app and I cannot scroll down in the editor to edit more precisely.

What should I do? I guess I’m missing something.

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Hi there, @petrovic.teodor… have you tried selecting the page itself and increasing its height on the Layout tab of the page’s properties dialog?


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Change page width? This changes the app’s responsive. This is not a smart option.

You can only set a minimum height. And the application will work on top of this minimum height

Really the user who wrote this topic is right. It’s horrible to edit anything in the bubble because we can’t scroll down the editor

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Thanks for your input! I have proceeded with extending the minimum height of the page while I’m editing the app, then I will change it back once I’m done. Seems like an okay workaround solution.

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