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Problem with full calendar columnformat_day

I’m having a problem with the fullcalendar where the column title in day view is always undefined (instead of the name of the day) even though I changed the value of columnformat_day to anything simple, like d, dd, ddd. But, I can see changes when I change the value of columnformat_week. The app language is Indonesian, but I don’t think that matters since ‘ddd’ gives me the name of the day in columnformat_week. Hope someone can help…

Which full calendar plugin are you using?

Hi Jared,
I’m using the one from bubble. The columnformat_day is the one on the language settings

Hmm. Bosnian produces issues too. I have a fix in my calendar plugin for issues like this. But, bubble should provide support. Have you reached out to their support team?

No I haven’t because I thought I could be doing something wrong. But now I might do it

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