Problem with "Get data from page URL"

Hey there,

Any idea what is it that I’m doing wrong while trying to retrieve the parameter “token” from my page URL? It appears as empty in the inspector

Many thanks beforehand!

Parameters are added after ? symbol, so there are no parameters in your url except debug_mode)

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The only URL parameter in your URL is debug_mode=true (there is no ‘token’ query paramter).

If ‘token=06806330000etc’ is meant to be a query parameter it needs to come after the ? (so you’ll need to change the ? before debug_mode=true to a &, or put the ‘token’ parameter after the debug_mode parameter).

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Thanks gents, my bad for not knowing how to properly construct URL params :sweat_smile:

I was basically constructing the URL like this:

Instead of this:


Happy user showing up now!


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