Problem with HTML element when extracting element of a list

I am creating a application in javascript which i will implement in my website.
I want to get some ID of the first item on a list of data, but it’s not working properly, here is the problem:


It gets stuck and stops the applications…:

this happens if i try to obtain data from a list, but if i try getting from a simple data text, it works:


There are no errors in bubble or in my code, i tested many times…

Can you setup a demo app which shows the same problem?

The second screenshot appears to be missing a double quote after the dynamic text.

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It didn’t show up double quote or i corrected it afterwards. There is definitely a problem with bubble lists in html element.

How i corrected this was using toolkit element, and extracting the list from there. Afterwards i made a call to my HTML element function, with the data as argument.

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