Problem with image/video showing

Hi everyone!
Maybe anyone could help me with the problem I’ve stumbled upon.
I’m working on an app about events, and when I create some event one of its features is an image. But I also need a possibility for users to upload videos and gifs if they like instead of image.
Now it’s a strange thing happens. I upload from my phone a short video via PictureUploader when creating an event, and I can see the video perfectly on my mobile. But when I open the app on my PC (in 2 different browsers Chrome and Firefox), there is just an empty space instead of my video (see the attached file).

I have a Safari browser on my mobile.
As far as I know Bubble offers only Image and Video instruments, separately. Is there maybe some plugin or something other instrument I don’t know about which allows to combine the ability to upload images, videos and gifs?
How can I fix this problem?

I would really appreciate any help!

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Sorry, I don’t have an answer for this either, but I really want to know the answer because I’m having the same problem!

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