Problem with live date/time value

Hi folks :wave:

Hoping someone can help me with a strange problem I’m experiencing with a current app build. I use @gaurav’s excellent Env Variable plugin extensively to pass data and workflows back and forth between reusable elements. Normally, I don’t have many problems. However, for this particular build, I was looking to have a live countdown feature. If you’ve ever attempted to build something similar in Bubble, you know that the “current date/time” value supplied in the vanilla editor interface is, frustratingly, not a dynamic value.

To solve this problem, I tried installing Mintflow’s “Current Date Time” plugin. It worked brilliantly, until I started to experience persistent timeouts and “temporary bug” errors with workflows that had worked just fine earlier in the day. The bug seemed to be limited to workflows that were triggered by an Env Variable change and — stranger yet — only specific ones. It took me a while to isolate the problem, which seemed to have started after I installed the plugin. I tried installing a similar plugin “Current realtime (date/time),” by Datoflex, and experienced the same issues.

Is this a known issue, @gaurav? Does anyone have a sense of why this might be happening? And can anyone point me in the direction of a solution to my live countdown problem that won’t break other workflows?

Thank you!


Brief update here: I built my own timer with a simple workflow that runs every second and updates a variable for the current date and time. It’s producing the same buggy behavior, which is very odd. I can’t imagine that a single, dead-simple workflow like this would have such a dramatic impact on performance. Furthermore, the problem does not seem to be that straightforward. Case in point: I have two separate navigation workflows on my page which are both triggered by a basically identical Env Variable workflow. The one that was built more recently has stopped working altogether since I tried implementing the timer. Meanwhile, the older workflow seems to have been totally unimpacted. Can anyone make sense of this behavior?