Problem with Mozilla PDF js plugin

I get an unexpected error:

I use Google Chrome

No expert here, but since Mozilla is Firefox, wouldn’t it need to be used on the Firefox browser?

my users won’t like it

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Anyone have solved this?
I think I sent the data right into the page but the pdf.js is not reading/rendering or something I don’t know. But I got the same error 403 as in the OP. (403 is a HTTP status code meaning access to the requested resource is forbidden. )
But this is the PDF that the user has uploaded by himself so it should not be forbidden.

PS. this is mozilla but it can be opened by any type of browser that support javascript.

Hi @vovahumnytskiy,
your browser URL showing as file=[] (array), please remove “[]” after file param.

Example : ?file=fileurl.pdf

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