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Problem with permissions to a file

Hi, I have files uploaded by users. They are uploaded to a private table called upload which has a file field called file. Users have a filed calls is_empoyee to mark that they have more permissions. In particular I want the employees to be able to see the files uploaded by other users. When I access a file (via PDF viewer plugin) as an employee I get
{"error_class":"Unauthorized","args":{"code":"1641444670335x440151950167047700"},"message":null,"translation":"Permission denied"}
but when I access the same file as the user who uploaded it I can see the file.
Please see the permissions I set:

What am I missing? why can the user marked as is_employee see the files?

p.s. the way the page is set up now is that when the user clicks a button it sets a state variable with the correct upload and then opens a popup with the PDF viewer plugin element, which shows the PDF in a full screen (because I haven’t manage to have it not in full screen yet).

Would be happy to read your suggestion of how to fix the permissions.

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