Problem with Reviews (airBnB Clone "How to")

Hello guys!
I’m new to and noCode in general and I really need help to understand the basics.

I’m following this guide here and I came up with my own version. I created all the data types according to the tutorial but I’m having trouble showing the reviews in the repeating group inside the “room page”.

Here some screenshots that could help you to help me :sweat_smile:

Please, if anyone has some ideas on how to make it works let me know your solution!

Thank you everyone!

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Sorry, forgot to mention that the Reviews are created “correctly” in the sense that I can see them in the App data

Hi there.

You should create a review and then make a change to the room, so that you can add the review. It should look like this:

with this done, it should display the reviews perfectly:

Just to see them … change the repeating group source to “search reviews”.

And of course … more precisely follow the guidance from @juoum to see the current page room reviews :+1:

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Thank you @juoum and @cmarchan , I solved this issue ! I was searching for the @juoum solution, but @cmarchan you made me realize another important aspect of linking information in different db !
Stay safe and have a good day :grin: