Problem with search list with multiple parameters

Hello everyone !

I want to display some products in a repeating group according some parameters that i store in a search database, wich is a list of text ( atached to it own user )

The problem is that when i use the search constrain, the “contain” parameter only fetch the first
word, but i need it to fetch the entire list from the database

When i only have 1 word in my search request it work, but i want it to have more parameters

Do you have any solution ?
Thanks a lot !

I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for but you can try the plugin Search & Autocorrect.

@j805 Website:

Hope that helps! :blush:

Hi !
It doesn’t work since it doesn’t support multiple text fields.
thanks anyway :wink:

So each crate have its own product inside,
Each user store its own search value’s ( like ananas, cheries etc…) in a database as a multiple Text value’s
So the group that display the carts should have the same products contained in their search value,
But it only compare the first text field and doesn’t search if it is contained in one of the list of products according to the Crate

I’ve been stuck for a week now, if anyone can help me i would realy appreciate

Does this help?


You need an advanced filter i.e. do a search for:filtered

See image

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