Problem with unique elements

Hi Forum,

I have a question regarding using the “Unique elements” function. I only want the same value once in the repeating group.

This is what I have right now:
Schermafbeelding 2023-12-08 om 14.08.30

This is the result:

I only want to see the value once, in this case “OubrainAndrea” I now see it many times.


Hi there, @jona… if I understand your post correctly, I think you are misunderstanding how the unique elements operator works. Each thing in a data type is a unique thing, so adding unique elements to the end of a search for leads isn’t really doing anything because I assume you have many leads in the data type that are associated with “OubrainAndrea”. So, I guess the question is what is “OubrainAndrea” and how is it associated with each of its leads?


Hi Mike,

Thanks for the fast reaction.

“OutbrainAndrea” is a field in the datatype “Leads”, and yes many things in this data type has the same value (OutbrainAndrea) in the field utm_source.

Can I do something that it will only shows each utm_source only one time in this repeating group?

I have utm_source OutbrainAndrea, Taboola, Straalduurzaam etc.

Addition: there are new Utm sources added every day, so I cant really use fixed values for this.

Try Search for Leads:each item's utm_source:unique elements. Oh, and you will have to change the type of content of the repeating group to whatever the field type is of the utm_source field.

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Thanks! This was the wished solution.

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