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Problema com repeating group

Estou enfrentando problemas na hora de mostrar os dados no grupo repetidor, não sei se é um bug ou se estou fazendo algo errado e não encontrei o problema. Acontece que eu estou conseguindo mostrar uma lista de itens tranquilamente, porém quando eu peço pra mostrar os dados do criador da lista os campos ficam em branco, os dados só aparecem caso esteja logado com o usuário que criou a lista. Coloco para buscar todos os dados do BD e mesmo assim só me retorna o usuário atual! alguém sabe me explicar o motivo ?

Hey @mellovieiranovo

Check privacy settings under the data tab. This will prevent you from seeing other users data. Hope that makes sense. :blush:

Check here: I can view my profile page but not other people's profile page - #6 by J805

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I’m asking the repeater group to show all users and it only shows the current user, even looking for all users it only shows the current user.

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Yes. Thanks for clarifying that. Can you show a screenshot of your privacy settings so we might be able to help you out? :blush: A picture is worth a thousand words. Hope we can help figure it out for you.

By the way, welcome to the Bubble Community! :tada::confetti_ball:

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Yes. So that’s why it’s only showing your current users data. You can’t see other users data because at the moment you are only allowing access to current users data.

This user is current user.

For everyone else, you can show only the data that you don’t want to keep private.

So maybe only show their usernames to other people or something like that.

I don’t recommend removing the privacy rule that you have though. It’s good to have.

Just check what you want to display here:

Remember to keep important things private. :blush:

I hope that makes sense.

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thank you very much, your advice was very helpful. I wasn’t seeing the problem. thank you so much.

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You’re welcome. No problem. :blush: Happy to help.


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Thanks! :blush: