Problems creating multiples events (FIXED)

Hi all,

I have a problem with multiple event creation for a calendar.

My calendar takes the events from a RG which contains the named blocks of each event with the start date of the event. Example: event AA, block AA_04-07 (July 4). AA_18-07 (July 18) successively.

When generating the blocks for the reason that I do not know some blocks go to the previous day, independent if the name is correct. For example, block AA_15-08 is created on August 14 at 11pm. The system subtracts 1 hour without understanding it.

It is worth mentioning that the name AA_15-08 takes the date of the same variable that creates the beginning of the block.


Sorry my english but i’m from Chile :slight_smile:


How are you saving the date? Are you using the Current Date Time? I suggest you change the hours, mins and seconds to 0 ensure the date picked up is correct.

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Hi anil.

The data is taken from the input with Date_2 format, and it is saved in the database, then I use that same data and I increase it in a loop to create the other blocks.

This has upset me. :frowning:


Seems to be set up fine. Mind if I look at the editor and see if I can find the issue? You could make the app public to enable access.

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Please! :confused: @romanmg can you helpme?


Ok, I move everything to hours, make calculations inside every workflows and now it’s work.


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