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Problems doing a search

Hi Everybody,

I am trying to initially, build a simple sales dashboard for a restaurant business in bubble. They use a CRM (for which I have an api connection). My Problem Is this:

I have these tables:

Document Items (aka Invoice Items)
Types of VAT (for every Item can be different rate)
Products (details about products including product name, this is referenced as id in invoice table)
Ingreedients ( which can be invoiced as seperate items and also given as free addons on some products).

What I need is how can I create a expresion/formula/plug in to do the following:

For every line in the Invoice Items list I have to:

  1. Price per Unit (Items table)*VAT(Do a search in VAT table)*Quantities sold in that transaction .

Than I ll have to:

Group sales by product from the invoice items (I have to go to products table and check for name to substitute for the record ID). And move with additional steps like slicing dates, etc.