Problems extracting the existing value of a specific field of a thing type to also become the value of a field of a new thing under creation

Greetings friends!

I am new in bubble, I have less than 1 month knowing this platform and I am stuck in a point (maybe because of my inexperience in database).

The point is that I am developing a kind of CRM in which leads become customers when the administrator or owner of the company, modify the status of that leads through a dropdown with different options.

Then, when a status is modified and the “closed” status is selected, that lead must become a client and be observed in a repeating group exclusively for clients.

What have I done?

I have a type “Lead” that contains fields or properties, such as:

  • Name (text)
    -Age (number), etc…

And I created another type called “Customer” in which I created the following fields:

  • Subscription date (date)
  • Customer name (Lead).

Also, I created a workflow in which, by modifying the status of the dropdown and setting the value to “closed”, a thing is created (a customer), and in the creation of fields of that thing, I create easy the subscription date like this: subscription date = current date/time BUT I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO GIVE VALUE TO THE NAME FIELD!!! Well, I can’t figure out how to extract the value of the name field from the Lead type that is being converted into a customer.

Therefore, a new thing (customer) is created, without name and consequently although the corresponding space is created, it does not show me anything where the name of the new customer should appear in the repeating group of customers.

Thanks for clearly explaining your issue. Let’s take a look at your database set up.


  • Name (text)
  • Age (number)
  • … etc…


  • Subscription date (date)
  • Customer name (Lead)

As you can see above, I crossed out “name” from “Customer name”. Understand that when you select a data field (such as Lead) as the field’s type, you’re not linking a name or id. You’re linking that data type.

Let’s go back to your use case. I’m going to assume that the “Lead” is the Current User. When saving the subscription date, you also want to save the “Lead”. Well if the Lead is the Current User, then 1 of 2 things needs to happen:

  1. You create a “Lead” field in the User table and save the Lead to the Current User (somehow) BEFORE the subscription. Then all you need to save is the Current User’s Lead.
  2. Instead of using a Lead table, you instead use the User table. That way, you can easily save the Current User to anything that the Current User is creating.

I hope this helps. Overall, I wouldn’t get discouraged. Based on your issue and amount of time on Bubble, I would recommend spending significantly more time understanding how to map data and display it on a test page.

Thank you very much for your answer my friend, although it is a little difficult for me to process it as a novice I am sure it will be of great help. I still don’t quite understand what Bubble is referring to with “Current User”, I understood it was someone who is making use of the app.

In my case, the leads never make use of the app, the one who makes use of the app is an administrator who converts the leads into customers.

Regarding your recommendation about deepening in data mapping, do you have any course or blog that you recommend me for this purpose?

I’m understanding a little bit more now. There’s no need for the “Current User” data.

You would nee to share at least a screenshot of the workflow that you have when saving the subscription date in order for me to help further.

This is how the workflow goes, it should be noted that I started it when the administrator clicks on the “confirm” button of a Pop Up that appears when the status of a Leads is changed and the option “closed” is set.

Here is the type of “Lead” thing

And here the type of thing “Customer”.

The type of thing “User” I have it exactly as it comes by default.

Ok. And I assume you have access to the specific Lead you’re working on. You have to find the data source you want to input for the Lead field in the new Customer that you’re creating.

Send a screenshot of the Popup with the Confirm button. Please also display the popup’s menu so I can see the data source.

Ok, I’ll show it to you like this:

This is the section where Leads are added and displayed:

As you can see, at the bottom of the right side there is a dropdown where you can choose the status of each Lead. When you change that status to closed, this popup will appear

When you click on confirm is that the event Create thing (customer) occurs.

And finally, in this customer section, is where those Leads converted into customers should be reflected: