Problems to update image in facebook SEO

A short time ago I had a similar problem and it was solved, but recently I changed the domain name and the image and when I updated it on facebook it only updated the domain name, the image and title stayed the same, what can I do now?

facebook shows me this message

Are you setting the SEO Title and description correctly on your individual pages correctly? If not, it will pick up from the SEO Tab under settings.

Also, since facebook caches the URL metadata, once you have updated it, you will need to go to Facebook debug tools and fetch new information from your URL.

effectively, it is from the SEO tab of configuration and when doing the procedure it loads the data but it does not update the image and it shows the message that I showed above.

the data that I put previously is saved but does not update the new data just updated the new URL.

If its a new URL, then it shouldn’t be cached within Facebook. You can still try a fetch with the debugging tools from Facebook (Link below) and see if its being picked up correctly. If its still not picking up, then there might be some error in you configuration within Bubble.

Alternately, I can take a quick look at your app if you can share the URL (if you don’t prefer to share the URL publicly, just drop me a DM with it).

yes, no problem
I do not know what is due, the problem continues.

Hi! I do have the same issue. It is always showing even if I configure dynamic data on image for FB of teh page. Did you found a way to solve it? Thanks in advance for your reply

Yes. The steps I highlighted above still work. If you are still having issues, feel free to message me a link and I’ll take a look.

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