Problems with a list of 'any thing with fields'

Hi there,

I’m creating a plugin and have stumbled upon what I believe to be a bug. In my Fields declaration I have set a field to be expecting a list of ‘any thing with fields’ as seen below.

However when then doing a search on the db to insert the data it seems like it is expecting me to narrow it down to a single entry out of my db.

I have however found a temporary solution which is encapsulating it in a single object and passing that one down. However this is not an ideal solution and would like to see how I can solve this.

Anyone that has encountered this problem? Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

what is the error bubble is giving you?

It gives the following error:

What you may try instead is something like this

Although I’d think the way you have it setup should work, I know I’ve done it in the past. Is it (List of Scorses) in fact a database Thing or an Option Set?

It is a database thing. I will try your solution and will let you know if this could be a solution.

Hmm I cannot seem to get the option ‘as type_score’ in this case. Is there any aditional configuration that has to be done?

Thanks for the help!

I think this is a bug. You probably have to delete chart_data or refresh the plugin editor and add it again to be able to see the option for type_score

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yes you were right, thanks!

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You’re welcome!