Problems with D3.JS embedded HTML

Hello I am trying to add a D3.JS visualization to my app.

The HTML code is fine and shows up in the app but the script does not on my webpage: Bubble Application

The weird thing is that the dataviz (the donut) does show in the dashboard:

Any idea wha tI am doing wrong? It does not show even when I connect onto the live page.

When you hit something like this, esp. if you add code from elsewhere, it’s a good idea to look at the console. See my screenshot attached.

so your problem is that you’re loading insecure content, and the browser blocks it. If you use httpS:// it should work.


Thank you!
Ouch, it feels like I did not remember the most important lesson in High School: Always check your work!
I promise I will look at the console more carefully next time. Pinky swear!

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d3 is awesome, I would love to know how you did this.


As long as your script and css is embedded in the html code you just copy paste in a visual element (the HTML element). My JSON file is hosted on another server but you could also embed the data in the HTML if your data does not need to be updated.

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Thanks, so you put the d3 script in the page header ?

Almost agree with Nigel, D3 is amazing. Check the info here