Problems with displaying Groups

Hi Everyone I am trying to use data for charts by doing grouping but the problem is that I cannot se an option at Type of data (Grouping) and then whenever I set up a grouping an error shows that tells me that I have selected a data type but i am using a grouping as data source.

Can anyone help, as I don’t se a data type grouping and I think I am missing something ?


Hi there, @ilirkras… I ran into that issue recently, and it’s related to the new expression composer (which you have enabled). If you turn the new composer off, the grouping functionality will work correctly, and then you should be able to turn the new composer back on, if you’d like.


Hey @mikeloc,

It seems like this was my problem as well. Thanks man you saved my day, I spent my last 6 hours researching on this and had 0 results.

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