Problems with email to reply

Hello :slight_smile:
I would like the replies to come to my email, I added the option:

After the test I see that in the response there is no my email entered and there is no-reply@bubble:

Would someone know how can I fix that?

Hi there, @bartoszkopec89… in that screenshot, you’re not showing the only thing that matters… I assume you entered your email address here?


Yes ofc :slight_smile:

I’ve been answering questions in the forum for a long time, my friend… it’s never of course until I at least ask the question, and then I still don’t believe it until I see it with my own eyes. :wink:


I understand :slight_smile:


What do you think about this?

Oh, right… I forgot about this one… it got lost in the shuffle of answering your other questions. :wink:

Well, at least you filled in that field… I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be working.

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I really appreciate the help with the other topics :slight_smile:

Here with the email I did what I needed to do, and still can’t reply to the email

I don’t know the answer to this for sure but I suspect it may have to do with you not using your own SendGrid account. It’s possible that field doesn’t get passed when using Bubble’s SendGrid account. Just a thought.

So is it better to set sendgrid for this?

Good thought, @flowtron, but I just tested this one using Bubble’s account, and the reply to address comes through just fine. @bartoszkopec89, there must be more going on than the minimal information you have shared because it works fine for me.

What other (more) information do you need? :slight_smile:

I don’t need anything. You need to do more troubleshooting and figure out why it doesn’t work for you… I’m just telling you the functionality works as expected for me.

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Ok, thx :slight_smile:

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