Problems with initialize and update functions

Hi there,

I’ve been developing plugins in bubble for quite a while now, today I’ve stumbled upon a problem that I have been experiencing every now and then.

When developing my plugins sometimes the initialize and update functions won’t run anymore. The element is visible and I’m just doing a simple console.log() to see if the functions will run but they don’t log anything.

The solution that I used in the past is to create a new plugin and just copy paste the code. However in this case it’s a plugin that is already published on several apps.

Has anyone ever experienced this problem, if so how did you solve it?

Hi @Armando

I have experienced your issue and quite confused. One of my solutions is to use the inspect function to check the properties (like below)

Another point I think is the client or server side action type. I think it also affects the use of console.log() function.

Hope this will help you!

My mistake was that my IDE automatically formats my code. In every case this is desired, however my function does not contain a name and the IDE will automatically put a space behind the ‘function’ keyword: function (instance, properties, context) { should be function(instance, properties, context) { (notice the space between ‘function’ and ‘(’ ).

This is what broke my function and is something to keep in mind for others when looking over things.

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