Problems with messaging

Hi folks,

I wonder if anyone can help me with this. I have a couple of problems:

Problem 1

Here’s a screenshot to illustrate where I’m stuck. The panel on the left is my app’s frontend; backend on the right.

The elements marked in red and blue keep going invisible, and yet I have not set any conditions for them to be hidden for. They show up greyed out in the elements tree (sorry, I forgot to collapse the relevant parts for the elements marked in blue). They all show up (still greyed out, of course) when I check the box by ‘Only show hideable’. Could anybody possibly suggest what I might have done to make them hideable?!

Problem 2

After typing a message and clicking ’ Send’, the message seems to go nowhere. It is getting stored in the database, but does not appear in the thread I’ve created on the ‘Inbox’ page for either user.

Here is my workflow:

And here is my database:

Please let me know if I ought to add any screenshots of anything else.

For reference, I would like to add that I followed Lachlan Kirkwood’s LinkedIn clone course for this, though I had to adapt it in order to use Flexbox (and things may have gone awry in the process).

Thanks so much in advance!

Hey, maybe the solution for first problem is in privacy rules. Go to data → Privacy → User (if you named like that your object in database) and select fields which you want to see on page.
This is what I’m talking about:

Hope it will solve problem :slight_smile:

And for the second problem, maybe you should make changes to a thing (in this case select Messages) in workflow.

Hi @marija.vitaz, thanks for your replies. I don’t think it’s to do with my privacy settings, as I’d already set everything to be publicly visible:

Regarding making changes to a thing, I have checked Lachlan Kirkwood’s tutorial and verified that I have set my workflow to look exactly like his:

He creates a new thing (message), he does not make changes to a thing. And it works for him.

I’m wondering whether this problem (#2 of my two issues) could be to do with having both a data type called ‘Chat’ and one called ‘Message’. ‘Chat’ has a field called ‘Messages’ within it, while ‘Message’ has a field called ‘Chats’ within it! I think this originated from following Lachlan’s Tinder clone tutorial, and then his LinkedIn one (because I want to build a 'co-founder matching function into my social networking app).



Could this be the issue? If yes, how can I make changes? I found previously that I was not able to make changes to data types, I could only delete them (which caused further issues I found I had traces of the deleted data types labelled ‘deleted’).

Hi folks,

I am still helping someone can help me get to the bottom of this. :smiley:

I also have an update. I just followed another of Lachlan Kirkwood’s courses (the Slack clone one), and found that when I try to add a ‘huddle’ member to a ‘channel’, although the user is definitely added (as recorded in the database, and also by the fact that the lower of the two grey shaded ‘cards’ appeared after I added the user), their profile photo and name did not get added to the list. Here are my front and backend screenshots:

Does anyone have any idea why the user data isn’t getting displayed, even though it is getting added to the database correctly?

Hello again. Just an update to say that I was able to resolve the most recent issue that I reported yesterday. In case anyone is experiencing similar problems, most notably those who’re following Lachlan Kirkwood’s courses but trying to do so using the new responsive engine, you will most likely be able to fix the issue by carefully checking the data sources up the hierarchy of containers you’ve created. In my case, I’d missed this one (the data source was empty):

I am still trying to puzzle my way through what needs to be done to fix my inbox issues, and will post an update here if I figure it out before someone is able to jump in and help me.

Ok, I’ve fixed the issues reported in my very first post in this thread. Something – I don’t know what (I did look everywhere to try to find out!) – was causing those elements to be invisible. I simply deleted them and recreated them. That fixed it!

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