Process API with list response

I am quering an API that has the following result.

“hotelDescription”: [
“lang”: “en”,
“value”: “Dubai welcomes guests from around the world.”
“lang”: “de”,
“value”: “Das ist die deutsche Beschreibung”
“lang”: “ar”,
“value”: “هذا هو النص العربي”

Now I want to store that in the Database, and display it on different parts of the website, each result individually. (Think one box for german, one for englisch, etc)

Now 2 challenges.

  1. when I put that into the Database, it puts all in one field, comma separated. Thats fine in principle if I can extract the values individually.

This is how it looks like:

  1. I have had no luck in extracting the values so far and display them on the site. not combined, not alone.

Spent the last 3 days on youtube and google looking to solve my issue. To no avail. Can you guys assist?