Product advice in relation to Bubble functionality (HubSpot Integration, Chrome Extension, etc.)


I’m fairly new to Bubble but have determined it’s the absolute best way to stand up the MVP for my new business. I’m hoping to speak more with a developer who has experience in the B2B SaaS landscape.

My company is and I’m building a forecasting tool for B2B Sales that utilizes prospect behavior, rather than sales rep inputs into the CRM to predict outcomes. I already have the full list of data points I plan to leverage that are available in HubSpot’s API, but need help building the product in Bubble to plug in my algorithm. Eventually, I’d like to convert the web app to a Chrome extension for ease of use and monetization but have been told this part may be difficult.

Hoping to dive into the details of the algorithm, how these connections might work in Bubble and roughly how many hours I’d be looking at for an experienced developer to help me build. I’d like to find an ongoing relationship with someone who can check all these boxes.