Product Improvement Suggestions: Issue Checker

I’ve come to love the issue checker in Bubble. There are a few improvements I want to submit to the Bubble team to improve usability, but want to validate them first and hear other ideas from the community.

Initial ideas:

  1. Provide the ability to sort by page/element/area within the app. (Dropdown list to select). Issue: to difficult to navigate, frustrating when it resets and you’re working in a specific area.
  2. Provide the ability to expand the repeating group’s size or increase total number of visible cells beyond three. Issue: when there are more than 3 errors on a page, it’s a bit tedious scrolling back and forth to parse them.
  3. Provide the ability to sort by issue type (may be harder to implement). Ie. issue with workflow, or issue with expression, conflicting type of content-data source) OR by app tab (Design, Workflows, Data, etc). Issue: the current list doesn’t make it easy to parse where the error types are until you fully read the issue.