Product list RPG disappear at development page after I sync from development to live?

my product list RPG at development page disappear after I sync from development to live ?

Hi there, @3builderd… it’s not really clear what you are asking, so it would probably be good if you can share some screenshots to clarify the issue. That being said, I wonder is you are talking about a data issue where the live database does not have the same data as the development database. The two databases are separate, and deploying your app to live does not sync the databases. Is that what you are talking about here?


Hi Mikeloc,

My product list page that contain a Product RPG is deleted after I sync from development to live. This is not about the data. Thanks.

Well, things don’t get magically deleted when you sync to live, so you will probably need to share some screenshots if you want someone to be able to help.

What i am saying after I sync, this entire product RPG is deleted from the development page. i have checked the live page, the RPG remains. Hope is clearer to you now.

Sorry, I still don’t understand, but maybe someone else will.

Is it hidden and just needs to be revealed in the Element Tree?
If you deleted it just keep undoing until it comes back?

i have checked. The entire RPG is deleted.

Have you tried reverting your app to a time before it disappeared?

yes able to.

Okay so seems like you’re good then :+1: