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Product list with purchase count in same expression

Tried searching but couldn’t find the info to create this expression.
I want to list all products in the products table, with a count next to each product that tells how many the selected user has purchased, which is tracked in the purchases table.
I created a sample app to make it easier…


Hi there, @gormo11… I edited your sample app to do a search through the Purchases data type for (and then do a count of) purchases where the product is the current cell’s product and the user is the current user. Is that what you were trying to do?

Oh, I also added another repeating group that shows the same data in a different way (although, it only shows products the user has purchased as opposed to all products). I put this example in there because doing a search in every cell of a repeating group is not really the most efficient way to go about showing data, so I wanted to throw another option out there as food for thought.

Hope this helps.


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Perfect, exactly what I needed, thank you! I’ll read up on groupings as well.

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