Product update Pop-ups

I have a general engineering question.

One thing I am seeing in many software products is a pop-up when the application opens up with the latest features or bug fixes.

I am struggling on the engineering side of this part.

How do you set it up so that it pops-up once. If they close it, it doesn’t pop-up until the next time you do an update.

I don’t think a loop to reset all users “update pop-up close = yes/no” is the right way to go, that seems over engineered.

Is there a more seamless way to do this without using a loop function?

This would be my approach:
Store a “last updated” timestamp somewhere.

Any time a user closes an update popup, store the current date time stamp somewhere.

If the “last update” timestamp > “user’s time stamp”, show the popup.

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That is MUCH better! I will give that a shot.

Similar to the suggestion above, I have a ‘Release’ data type.

The release has a date, title, and description which are displayed in the popup.

When Do a search for Release (date > Current User’s lastReleaseDate):first item is not empty, show the popup and Make changes to Current User (set lastReleaseDate to the Current date/time) .

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That is smart as well. I like this solution.