ProductFlare now has a Chrome Extension made with Bubble - thanks to Steve from TechTonic

Hi guys,

I recently put a post out about needing a freelancer for a Chrome Extension build for ProductFlare (built on Bubble).

Building Chrome extensions was out of my knowledge, so we looped in @sudsy who was able to turn the Chrome Extension UI I’d build in Bubble (as a separate page) and wrap it in a JS manifest file and prep deliver it to me for upload to Google!

And it got accepted first time.

So, if you need to extend your Bubble app’s offering with a Chrome extension then I’d thoroughly recommend TechTonic and Steve.

Really great guy, great price and perfect communication to get the project done in no time.

Check out the extension here:

Thanks, and thanks @sudsy


Thanks for sharing !

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Thanks, Reece. I’m glad it’s working out. It was a pleasure doing business.



@help Hey Reece, I would like to know how you made your Chrome extension UI as I would like to build a chrome extension for my app too. I would love to discuss this further as I’ve been looking everywhere for some advice.

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Hi sure thing :slight_smile: Will pm you

Lovely product @help ! Just signed up and trying it out. Looks very neat.

When I first clicked the extension, it first said “cookies not enabled for the browser”.
I had to go to the site, create a new account and login first on a seperate tab.

The extension worked fine after that.

Not particularly painful, but if that the intended way, perhaps a note on the extension page would be great.



Hi Santish,

Thanks for letting me know! I actually need to disable cookies so it works in the widget on page load. I just haven’t got round to it yet.

Thanks for the kind words!