ProductHunt "No Code" Hackathon

Hi Bubblers,

Some of you - addict Producthunters ? - may already know but this year Product hunt is renewing their Maker festival from last year.

This year the theme is “No Code” :sunglasses::star_struck:

We will certainly try ourselves to find the time to propose something (timeline is short). So, I definitely hope some of you will join the adventure too! A really nice way to show and tell the no-code/Bubble power :slight_smile:



I agree @NigelG. At the same time, I’m thinking that it even the crowd who is late to the party. So showcasing specifically what no-code can bring as products could definitely help to show that, as you said, we can definitely compete with code.

As a Bubbler though, I was a bit disappointed with the focus on Coda - while I can understand that they certainly sponsor it. This spreadsheet2app movement is definitely interesting but it should definitely not be seen as the ‘representative’ of the no-code mouvement…

Second this. Unfortunately it is not always the best products that are known and most used, it is usually the best marketed products. This is an example of a great marketing play by both Product Hunt and Coda to keep both these bands top of mind with Makers

The problem is that “no-code” is a very vague term.

Wordpress and nearly every CMS out there could be considered a no-code product while we Bubble users do not consider them in the same terms as Bubble.

But calling CODA a representation of no-code is a big joke. It is stretching it too much.

I use a number of “spreadsheet to app” tools as gateway drugs when I teach folks. Glide is a really good example ( I find non-technical folks tend to struggle heavily with the data modeling side of things, and spreadsheets are an easy way to start having the conversation.

I don’t see Coda as generating “apps,” though. I see Coda as useful for building tools that live within Coda. The nice thing about Glide, Bubble, Thunkable, etc. is nobody ever needs to know (or care) that it was built with those tools, the apps stand alone.

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So we decided to enter the contest last Monday after registration already closed but they were so kind to let us join still :stuck_out_tongue:

Me and @matt had this idea for our own app for a while but never got to building it. The Product Hunt Makers Festival was just enough incentive to pull a few all nighters and churn out MirrorMirror. This app allows users to do A/B testing with real users and real feedback.

We are soft launching it here and would love your feedback.


Looks great!

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