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Productivity Hack: Turn into native app as an Chrome App

Hi there,

I am very new to Bubble so I have no idea whether this is already common knowledge and/or will help anyone.

My problem: I tend to get lost quickly in Chrome tabs. This slows me down and makes my mind cluttered during work.

My solution: with Chrome, I can make into a native app and run it on my mac. This allows me to launch it with keyboard commands
(on mac: cmd+space → bub → enter).

Even faster: use Apptivate (Mac, freeware) to launch the bubble app. I have set:

Ctrl+Option+B: app
Ctrl+Option+F: Bubble Forum
Ctrl+Option+M: Bubble Manual

This allows me for megafast switching, without any additional browser tabs and with a lot of clarity about what I can find where. As a bonus you get more screen real estate, as there are no browser elements in the “app”.

How to turn a page into an app:
In Chrome, click Siskebab menu on top right corner, go to More Tools, Create Shortcut, name it and checkmark Open as window.

Hope this helps!