Profanity Check- API PlugIn

Hi, has anyone used this plugin- I have tried using it but am unable to understand how to get the results? Any and and all help will be appreciated.

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This is a really f%%%%%king dumb SSA based on a really f%%%%cking stupid NPM library, written by some c%%%%k sm%%%%er.

You put some replacement tokens (e.g., %%%%) in the placeholder field and the string you want to “clean” in the Text Data field.

The action runs server-side and returns the “cleaned” text (where profanities in the library’s “bad words” list are replaced by the placeholder string) as “result of whatever step’s clean text” in the workflow.

For a giggle, go read the bad words list: bad-words - npm

(Warning: a few of these are actual profanities/hate speech.)

But you’re a %%%% If you use this as (1) again it’s dumb and (2) it’s a server-side action so you’ll be needlessly consuming WU just to replace strings like “b00bs” with some other string.


Thanks Keith, That a really funny and thorough explanation. I appreciate the humor and advice. If you don`t mind me asking- I am wanting to build a market place app but i want to protect my users from profanities in the comments section- as kids will be using the application. Do you know of an API or workaround against profanities. I am currently using banned workflow method but It is limited to the list of words I enlist, ie: every variation ( F.U.C.K, fuCK, fu.) - must enlisted or it will not work.

I would use an api call to OpenAI (or your choice AI provider) and ask a bot.

Or maybe this newer package?

Thank you so much, Kind Regards,