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Professional CAD Template!

@chabut.bastian Yessir, when you purchase the template everything is fully customizable :slight_smile:

Dear, @doshq.
Hello, I hope you are doing well. I have been meaning to look at your system and I finally got the chance! After developing CADS for over 2 years, I can tell this system was made from a template. Reasons being. It’s a redesign of the Overseer, and Aurora CAD. I can say that you have spiced it up a little by redesigning things and making it look decent vs changing a couple things. I suggest giving credit to the ORIGINAL developers. When you “MADE” this. It was more like “Re-modified”. It could be safe to say that you are stealing peoples work in another way as it was a Multi-community CAD that got leaked or was given to you. I am not trying to call you out on it, I just find it odd why people say “I made it.” when they really didn’t. Just because you modify something it doesn’t make it 100% yours. Anyways man. No hard feelings. It’s nice overall, I could see a couple things that need improvement but other then that. Good job!

~ Leeland.

@leelandbrown I genuinely have never seen Overseer or Aurora. I seem to hear that our CAD might look similar to a different one all the time but it’s always different CAD names that popup. I tried looking up Aurora before and I never found anything but if you do have any information on it please PM it to us or send us an email at [email protected] :slight_smile:

No thanks. I know you know this CAD is a template.

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@leelandbrown I don’t. But if you don’t wish to provide us with supporting information about your claim we are unable to assist


Sure, I want you to show me your pages in the editor like shown below.


@leelandbrown Please contact us via email and we will be able to assist you further


Hello, @doshq.

I am not going to contact you VIA email as Bubble is a safe and good place to do it.

Kind Regards,

Hello, your product interests me a lot, but I have a few questions! Do you have discord?
Forgive me for my English, I’m French

@alexandre.hespel.18 Hello! Feel free to add me on discord Riseflame#8077 and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have :slight_smile:

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hey do you look for developer?

i bought the cad and it says i am not approved to join my cad and i need help so i have sent you an email

@jacobkoster38 Hey, did you get our emails? :slight_smile:


Out of curiosity, I tried out this cad even with the help of the debug_mode, many buttons don’t completely work.

You’re welcomed to a page that is zoomed in 80%, the background picture isn’t fixed in shape or size, resulting in this:

I thought it must be a joke, like a cad that sounds so good, yet so cheap, had to see it myself… Yeah, I’m very disappointed, its anything but smooth, maybe because of a sucker for UI(s) and love things to look modern but come on, I can’t be the only one who thinks this is poor design, the MDT buttons and the poor usage of proper code to at least keep it clean, its a mix of code that may fall down at any moment just like a building missing half of its first floor.

I see a big window of improvements, you have something going on but its anything but a “professional” cad template.

@NullByte Thank you for your review, I’m sorry you have been having issues with the CAD. All of the buttons should be operational except ones that are set up to be optimized by the admin, such as the “Apply” button that you have shown in the screenshot. We can help with any initial setup/optimization via email or discord :slight_smile:

Regarding the background, this is the first I have encountered someone having this issue and I assume this can be fixed by adjusting your zoom but I am sure we can help resolve this by contacting us with the support options listed on the CAD product page above.

Thank you!
Kind regards,

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As a long lost member. I have caught many people using Templated and Bought CAD’s to change barely anything and sell it off. You will not be able to tell me it is not a template. I have seen 100000x CAD’s like this one. @leelandbrown is correct in saying that this is in fact taken and re-used. I have seen this CAD in multiple companies and as much as I want to give out my opinion. I won’t. All i will say is don’t take made templates and re-use them. I am currently working hard for what I do and I know what it feels like to have something stolen and sold/given out for free. I have 3 years within this community. Please always at least give credit! Thank you

@thegamingtroll124 This is a shame to hear as we have worked incredibly hard on this CAD, from scratch, for the last few years. The only explanation to any work we have done that might look similar to others would be because we have had previous developers assist with building it when they were a part of the business or purely a coincidence that parts of the design look similar to others. This is something we take seriously and we would never want to copy others, especially as we want to build our brand with original ideas which I strongly believe our CAD has, such as many of the features in our MDT listed on the product page.

If you get the time, I would love for you to point out any specifics in any similarities to our CAD with others via our email [email protected] and we will change anything we see necessary.

Thank you,
Kind regards,

@doshq I have seen your work a long time ago. When I first started getting into CAD’s. When the rise of Duplicating other peoples work came into play. And I mean a lot. I will not email you personally as on here I am under the roof of bubble. Anything said is logged and I find it safe. The main issue i see is with the Management Panel. There are tons of Management Panels back from 2-3 years ago that looked exact. Some do now but those are new and I will personally not get into those. Haven’t been around recently to call anyone out. But, old designs like these I am able to pin point that it is from a different CAD. I am trying to find the CAD but I am unable to. When I do find it I shall be back!

When was this CAD made exactly?
And why was it re-released recently in 2021 if it was made years ago?

Last message from me on here. But, not only is the admin panel obviously overseer. Or other way around. There is clear evidence that someone here is messing about.



Now, there is minor changes. They both otherwise look the same. I would like an explanation?

=======EDIT AGAIN========
Here are links to the video of overseer and a link to your CAD. Which you have posted anyway but oh well
OVERSEER-Overseer CAD Tutorial | FREE MDT | HOW TO USE | - YouTube

Sorry, but when someone tries to tell me something isn’t copied and that you haven’t heard of big CAD companies. I can smell lies. Here is my video showing comparisons to both the CAD’s! This is not a video for the views yet for the facts. And I destroy people that lie. In my past I’ve shown many companies that copy work and show hard proof. And here it is. My hard proof.

@thegamingtroll124 Thank you deeply for your replies. In no way did I say it is impossible for our CAD to look similar to others. As I said above, we had a developer who helped us a few years back with certain parts of the CAD whilst we worked on the important functions such as the features inside the MDT. I still stand by what I said that we have not copied anyone, rather that the same developer most likely worked on other projects similar to ours, and I do know he started his own company although I am not 100% sure if it is still active.

We always strive to improve our product and we appreciate the review you have made, as this will help us to determine what we need to change so our CAD can become a more personalized, original user experience.

To clairfy, our CAD was in development for 2 years, and then released after development. The CAD has not been re-released.

Thank you.
Kind regards,