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Introducing: CADAdvanced Lite Edition | The Sister of CADAdvanced Pro Edition

CADAdvanced is a 2 year running project made by the DOSHQ CAD Development Team. In the 2 years of this stunning project, we have worked tirelessly to bring you a highly detailed, sophisticated system that provides one of the best rated MDT operations in the world! CADAdvanced offers a number of never-to-be-seen-before functions that you can view below. Please also feel free to try our demo by using the website and login listed.

In the lite edition of CADAdvanced, you unlock all of the basic features available in CADAdvanced.

The features available in the Lite edition are:

  • Full Backend and Frontend control available straight from purchase
  • Detailed Dispatch MDT with panels that display active units, calls and BOLOs
  • Detailed Law Enforcement MDT that displays active units, calls and BOLOs
  • Admin Panel for admins to manage their community
  • Smooth dashboard UI
  • BOLO and Calls creation (Dispatch)
  • Detailed Civilian page that allows a number of features including a Start Priority feature for all other civilians to see when a priority is ongoing
  • Detailed MDT for Fire and Medical units
  • Sophisticated Cardiac Monitor for the Fire and Medical MDT

For more details, visit the link below:

If you are looking for additional features for a bigger community, visit our Pro Edition: