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Professional plan

For those of you who have used personal/professional/production plans, How much of a difference does it make on app load times etc? What is the biggest difference in your experience?

I also would like to know this.

Is anybody here to share some experience?

Hey @jayyyteee and @hi_bubble :wave:

I haven’t noticed any difference on app load times or anything like that. Mostly, that is impacted based on how you build it. If your app is optimized to load quickly, then it will load quickly even on a personal plan. If it is loading slowly, then there must be something you are doing that is slowing it down.

The only difference is if you see your app hitting capacity. Your whole app will probably freeze up. Then it makes a difference which plan you are on. The personal plan is great for a low usage app. If you have many users at the same time or need a lot of complicated workflows to run, then the professional plan and above is a must.

Does that help? :blush:


There is only a certain amount of ways an app can be built using bubble, so the idea that the creator is ‘slowing it down’ is odd to me.

What are some examples of how an app would be slower vs fast when built a certain way?

Bad data structure with loading tons of data from DB, workflows to change a big list of things and so on…


Yeah, a lot of people think that. That’s understandable.

Other examples: using advanced searches, not having an optimized data structure, not using reusable elements, having unnecessary plugins installed, and the list goes on. I have seen plenty of apps set up the wrong way.

For example, created a field for each item instead of creating a list. Or creating a lot of yes/no fields instead of using a list, just to name a few.



There’s a huge number of combinations/permutations of possible ways to do things in Bubble, especially when it comes to building complex apps…

And precisely how you do it will can make a big difference to performance…

From how you set up your database and privacy rules, how/where/when you’re loading data onto your pages, what data you’re loading, whether your running workflows on the page or the backend… all these things and more will add up to dictate whether your app performs well or not.

Of course there are some hard limitations, but an app will only do what it’s been built to do - so the majority of the time, if an app performs badly it’s because it’s been built to perform badly.

Perhaps that’s one of the biggest pitfalls/downsides of Bubble…

…Bubble makes it super easy for anyone to build an app… so it’s particularly easy to build a bad one (and then blame Bubble when it doesn’t perform well).


My backend isn’t with bubble so i completely disregarded the whole backend aspect…lol.

I agree with the data loading though, if you have everything loading on the page every visit even if the user doesn’t interact with said data it’s pointless and could certainly slow down the app.