Professional profile for doctors

Hai all,
i am excited to present my new website

Its the worlds first professional profile page for doctors. And its a collaborative platform for doctors, hospitals and patients.

Doctors: doctors can create their professional profile page.

Hospitals: hospitals can create their profile page to show their facilities.

Patients: patients can create their bio-profile.

Share this maximum please…
Greate thanks to team…

My suggestion is that you should try and setout how you differentiate from (US Ony)

Thank you.

actually is not a doctor booking site. it is to collaborate all these three categories to a single platform.

Great to see other Bubblers in the health space.

Was thinking about @nocodeventure comment about medical records but as far as I can tell there are no medical records (might be some behind the scenes ofc) in there.
If you do have them in there I would be really careful about doing this all in bubble.
We’ve split ours so we have some things built in Bubble but the MR components elsewhere.

Good luck with it!

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