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Profil system - what is the best way?

Hello Bubble

I have a website where im currently making af profil platform for my users.
The idea is that people should be able to make a profil with some information about themselfs. This information should be editable at all times. Then people should be able to share there profil with other people who don’t have a profil via a link (they should only be able to view it as a mobil version).
What is the best way to do this?

My current state:

This is how the profil is seen by the user (it’s just an example):

This is how they edit their information (it’s just an example):

This is how the profil should be seen by other people, this should only be view on a mobil (it’s just an example):

Hope you can help me :wink:
I really appreciate all the help i get in this forum <3

@emmanuel can you help me?

In the workflows tab add a On page load rule to the web version, tell it on page load if current user is NOT logged in redirect to page and redirect them to say your sites either mobile version or index.

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