Profile Creation Question

Okay, I can do a lot, but apparently, profile creation is a bit out of my abilities, so I got the basic user’s profile done, that’s not the problem, but allowing the user to view other’s profile is, instead of every time they click on the profile link to the other person’s profile, it will return them to their profile. So I was wandering how to allow users to visit other user’s profiles.

Hi there,

Probably what you want to do is have a condition on the profile action, so that when the user in the profile is CURRENT USER then you go to my_profile (or whatever your page is called) and if it is NOT CURRENT USER then go to your_profile - you will need to “send” that user to the profile page, and it will display the details.

I thought that was probably what I’d have to do, just figuring how to do it, so thank you for this. :slight_smile: