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Profile page with password change


I created a profile page for my users.
They can make changes to their firstname and / or lastname but it won’t be very useful unless they made a mistake when signing in.

I also created a field to let them make change to their password, but when I go to the workflow, to “make changes to a thing”, the field “password” is not there.
I understand that passwords are stored by Bubble and I can’t see them in my database. That’s ok for me. But I’d like to let users make a change to their passwords if they want to.

How can I do that ?


That’s because Bubble has this action in the workflow menu of Account, and is called Update the User’s Credentials.

Check also into the the action send magic login link, it’s a nice feature to add if your user’s forget their password and this way they don’t need to chage it :wink:

Hope it helps!

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I hope this will be helpful for the OP. Let see.

Thanks, that’s exactly what I needed !

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